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Thursday, June 24

The 3 Best Math Websites for Kids


Do you incorporate “tech time” into your guided math routine? Technology time is one of the key stations inside my block routine and it is one that I love. Why? I love how technology offers countless engaging learning opportunities and creates seamless differentiation with ease. There are so many amazing math websites out there, so how do you know which ones are the best math websites to use with your elementary students? How do you know which site is the best math website for kids in your classroom to use? Well, teacher friend, I have used “tech time” in my math station set up for many years, and today I am sharing the top three FREE websites that I feel are the best math websites to use in your elementary math block. Read more to find out what each of these rockin’ sites is all about!

Best Math Website for Kids #1-

If you follow me on Instagram (@tailsofteaching), you have heard me talk about Prodigy before. Prodigy is one of my top three choices for best math websites hands down! So what is Prodigy and why do I think it’s one of the best math websites for elementary students? Prodigy is a standards aligned, game based, math practice site. I love it and so do my kiddos! As a teacher, I love that the site is engaging, Common Core aligned and provides me with easy data readouts about my kiddos. My students think Prodigy is a fantastic math website for kids for the simple reason that it makes math fun! Any time my students can have fun while practicing their math skills makes my teacher heart so happy. You can explore Prodigy by clicking HERE.


Best Math Website for Kids #2-

Zearn is my math website jam! I discovered this year and can I just say it is a game-changer! Zearn is on my list of three best math websites for elementary students because it offers engaging instruction, practice, and games all in one place! It is definitely one of the best free math websites I have ever used and a favorite in my classroom. If you are looking for an all inclusive math website for kids, this is definitely the one to pick! You can explore Zearn by clicking HERE.

Best Math Website for Kids #3-

As elementary teachers, we can all agree that math fact skills are a MUST! I build math fact practice into my math learning centers every single day. If you have access to technology in your classroom, XtraMath is an easy way for students to practice their math fact skills. You simply create your class roster, assign which level of fact practice you want your students to work on, and go! Your students will practice digital math fact flashcards and easily build math fact fluency! XtraMath also provides you with data to easily see which facts your kiddos are crushing or struggling with. For these reasons, XtraMath is definitely on my top three list of free best math websites. You can explore Xtramath by clicking THIS link.


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