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Wednesday, March 9

3 Reasons Why I Love Writing Prompts For Spring


The snow is melting, birds are returning, and writers are writing. Yes, that’s right. Every day my students work on their writing skills through the use of daily writing prompts. Since spring has sprung, it is time that we bust out our writing prompts for spring! I love allowing my students the opportunity to share their spring favorites in morning meetings and writing time through the use of my writing prompts for spring. From Spring holidays, Spring “would you rather” prompts, and more, the student engagement is up and pencils are moving when I switch over to our writing prompts for spring. Want to know what I’m a buzz about? Read more to explore how I use our writing prompts for Spring in my classroom now.

Writing Prompts for Spring- March


March is time for Women's History month, leprechauns, and Spring fever! If your students are like mine, then that means they have a lot to talk about and a great desire to share about these events. Why not let your students use their voice inside of their writing prompts for Spring? I love using the St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts as we lead up to the lucky day. (Explore more St. Patrick’s Day activities by clicking HERE). Students can type or write on the worksheet when I use these writing prompts for Spring. The kiddos love the chance to write and share about leprechauns, luck, and all things green. I love the increased engagement that the seasonal writing prompts for spring bring into the classroom. If you want to explore the No-Prep March writing prompts for Spring that I use, click THIS LINK.

Writing Prompts for Spring- April


April is time for gardening, poetry, and ugh rain! Because poetry is such an expressive writing exercise, I love to use the April poetry writing prompts for Spring. I find it fun to save the poetry writing prompts for Spring that my students complete and compile them into a Spring poetry booklet. Kiddos love being able to look back at their first poetry prompt and compare it to their last. You can use these writing prompts for Spring to have powerful conversations with your students about their growth as poets and writers. If you want to explore all of my April writing prompts for Spring, including the poetry prompts, then CLICK THIS LINK.

Writing Prompts for Spring- May


May is the time to help students fine-tune the writing skills that they have learned all year long. I use May to teach and review target writing strategies such as proper use of dialogue, showing not telling skills, and more. This targeted skill instruction can be a bit dull for my students at times. During these lessons, I ramp up the student engagement by using writing prompts for Spring. The writing prompts for Spring that I use in May range from silly to mysterious, but they all have one thing in common, a must-share factor. When I designed the May writing prompts for Spring, I knew that I needed to include topics like buried treasure, Mother’s Day, chocolate chip cookie thieves to keep my students yearning to write and share. By using May writing prompts for Spring that peak my student’s interest, the student buy-in battle is easily won and I can focus my attention on helping my students flourish as writers. Want to use the May writing prompts for Spring that I use? Click HERE to explore the prompts now.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about how I use writing prompts for Spring in my classroom. Did you know that I have daily, NO PREP writing prompts for the whole year? CLICK HERE to explore my Year Long Writing Prompts now! Want to use daily writing prompts to help your students increase their writing skills? CLICK HERE to read my blog post all about it!


There are countless ways to use writing prompts for spring to increase the writing skills of our students. I hope you enjoyed reading my top reasons that I love using writing prompts for spring with my students. Would you like to try a FREE sample of the no-prep writing prompts that I love so much?

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