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Wednesday, April 15

An Open Letter To New Teachers


Dear New Teacher,

I see you with a fake smile as you tell the world you’re doing great. I see you bubbling with excitement and fresh ideas for your students. I see the worry behind your eyes and the overwhelming fear you are failing. I want to tell you that all of this is normal and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

You have entered into one of the most amazing professions out there. How incredible is it that each day you have the chance to change lives? Each day you get the opportunity to make someone feel loved and wanted. Each day you get to share the gift that is educating someone.

You will meet amazing children that will change your life forever. You will teach little humans to read and tackle math problems. You will teach them how to be kind, courteous, and how to apologize. You will help build friendships and dry tears. You will learn the power of patience and that a wet paper towel cures most things. In case you haven’t figured it out, when you become a teacher you now wear countless hats and the ones that call you teacher look to you for help with all their needs.   

This job is truly incredible in so many ways. However, it is not all rainbows and sunshine, triumphs and hugs, no teaching is also extremely challenging. You will face obstacles bigger than you could have ever imagined. Heads up, college did not prepare you for real world teaching. College courses did not tell you how to handle difficult parents, deescalate a child in crisis, or fix the stupid photo copier that seems to break every time you use it. No college did not prepare you on how to engage today’s learners, differentiate across multiple grade levels, instruct tiered strategy groups, how to data track like your life depends on it, or how to keep it all together. Breathe, because I promise it will be alright.

Honestly, some days you will give it your all and it still won’t be good enough. On those days I ask you to take a deep breath, practice some self-care, and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day in the classroom, another day to make a change in the lives of your students. Teaching is extremely tough, but so are you. You didn’t want to be a teacher for the fame and fortune, you wanted to be a teacher to make an impact on countless lives, and that is exactly what you will do.

So, new teacher, do not compare yourself to anyone else. Stop peaking at the teacher down the halls perfect bulletin boards, stop comparing yourself to the Instagram perfect teacher who seem to have everything perfectly figured out. It is ok to feel like you are drowning. Despite all your worry and self-doubt, you are exactly what your students need this year. They need someone who will love them and try their best to make school great. So, new teacher feeling overwhelmed, excited, and exhausted all at once, I see you and I want you to know that you are doing an amazing job.

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