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Thursday, May 28

End of the Year Digital Celebration Ideas

The end of the year is coming quickly, and what a weird year it was. What started out as an ordinary year with my kiddos quickly flipped upside down and now we are ending the year apart. However, even though we are apart, we can still celebrate together! I have gathered some great (and easy) end of the year celebration ideas that can be done virtually. Ready to get your virtual party on? Read more to check out these fun end of the year virtual celebration ideas!


End of the Year Celebration: Student Slideshow
If you are a photo nut like I am, then you have plenty of pictures to go around. I captured so many special memories in our classroom before we switched to distance learning. I am going to put these photos together in a slide show that I can share with my students. I know they will love remembering all the fun projects they did and seeing the fun pictures.
End of the Year Celebration: Zoom Party
Why not celebrate the end of the year with a Zoom party? Let your kiddos know the day and time, and that it is just for fun. You can even have a theme for your virtual party. Why not have a PJ party, or a beach themed party? During the party you can play music and dance or do scavenger hunts. There are many creative options for Zoom celebrations that would be a blast for your kiddos!

End of the Year Celebration: Countdown Videos
I love countdown calendars and so do my students! I take the number of students I have and count backwards from our school closing date. On all of those days in between we celebrate specific students! To celebrate virtually, I am doing a balloon pop each day and posting the video to our class Facebook page. I mailed my kiddos packages ahead of time. This way when I do my balloon pop and their name is inside, they can open the package and enjoy the treats on their special day. It has been a lot of fun! You could do a virtual countdown with an online spinner too.
End of the Year Celebration: Student Awards
I love doing student awards at the end of the year. This year I printed and mailed mine, but you could also send them digitally! Simply save the award you make as a PDF or JPEG file on your computer. Then you can easily email the award to your students! I do this with my character education end of the year awards. Core values and character education are a big part of my teachings each year, so I use end of the year awards that reflect that importance. For example, students in my room may receive an Integrity award or an award for showing great Compassion. I love this end of the year activity because my students are so proud when they receive their awards. Click HERE to check out the class awards I use.


However you choose to celebrate virtually this year, know that your kiddos appreciate it. It has been a weird year for everyone and distance learning has been hard. Coming together to celebrate is something your students still really enjoy, even if it has to be done virtually. So enjoy your last few days of the year and go celebrate with your kids! (Virtually of course).

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