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Saturday, July 3

4th of July Activities for Kids


Fireworks, freedom, and 4th of July activities! I love celebrating and teaching about the 4th of July! From writing activities to read alouds, there are so many exciting 4th of July to do with your kids. Read more to explore my three favorite 4th of July Activities for kids.

4th of July Activities For Kids #1- Read Alouds

The 4th of July is a fabulous time to break out the patriotic picture books! There are countless books you could read to help celebrate and teach about the 4th of July. I have compiled a list of my favorites. Click the images below to explore my favorite 4th of July Picture books.




4th of July Activities For Kids #2- Writing Activities

I love writing prompts, regardless of what time of year it is! Writing prompts can wear so many different hats, and their versatility is what makes them so amazing. I love writing prompts to practice specific writing skills in my classroom. But you can easily pair any writing prompt with a fun art project too! My kiddos love when I pair a writing prompt with a “directed drawing” activity. Check out THIS link to explore some 4th of July directed drawings you can pair with 4th of July PRINT & Digital writing prompts for a fantastic 4th of July activity.

If you want to explore even more writing prompts, for each month, and every holiday? Click this LINK to explore my year-long writing prompt bundle.


4th of July Activities For Kids #3-Online Skills Practice


Holiday themes make my teacher heart happy. I love making festive learning opportunities for my students to learn and grow. While practicing verb tense last year, I knew my students would love something visually engaging and fun, and I needed something that still brought the rigor. So I created a 4th of July digital interactive notebook for verb tense and it was an overwhelming hit! If you would like to have this FREEBIE for your kiddos too, just click the download link now!


Looking to explore my favorite Summer teaching resources and tools? CLICK HERE now!

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