Saturday, October 12, 2019

Human Body System Activities and Resources

We are getting ready to wrap up our human body systems unit in room 204. Man, what a fun unit it has been! I love being able to do hands on experiments and crafts with my students. The body systems unit allowed me to bust out some fun experiments, engaging video clips, and more. Below, I have compiled a list of the resources and activities we used throughout this unit

The Skeletal System

We started our unit with the skeletal system. We learned about the bones, their placement in the body, and their functions. We cut and created XL paper skeletons like those linked HERE.

We also learned more about the skeletal system from THIS video:

The Nervous System

I loved teaching the nervous system! My kiddos loved learning about the brain and its different sections. They especially loved creating these awesome brain hats!

We learned more by watching this awesome Bill Nye video as well.

The Digestive System

This was by far the grossest, and in turn my student favorite body system to study. We did a great and easy experiment that demonstrates the way our food is broken down.

We also created this FREE digestive system foldable.

Finally we watched the Magic School Bus video on the digestive system. This was great and really allowed my students to have an inside view of how food travels through the digestive system.

The Respiratory System

This was another body system which prompted fun experiments! Check out the experiment we did HERE.

You can also grab the free worksheet we used HERE.

We have not reached the final two systems yet. When we do, here are some of the videos and resources we will use.

The Cardiovascular System

The Muscular System

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Fall Teacher Style

Teacher Fall Fashion
Amazon fashion haul coming your way!
For those of you who don’t know, I love fashion! Nothing gives me that extra little boost of confidence like wearing a rockin’ outfit! However, each fall I struggle to find cute, comfy, school appropriate outfits. When you need to scooch, squat, and sometimes dance with your class, you definitely need an outfit you can trust. On top of all that, who wants to pay an arm and a leg for new work clothes every year? I don’t!  So, I did some teacher styled shopping on Amazon this week, and I couldn’t wait to share the awesome looks and deals I found!

I am in love with all things cheetah right now. I’ve never really been into animal prints until this past year, and now it has hit me in a big way! I found this growl power skirt on Amazon (size small) for only $20.99! It has the sweetest pleats and a comfy elastic waistline. Can I get a woot woot for cute and comfortable! You can get one by clicking HERE!

In addition to my love of all things cheetah, I am always loving soft graphic tees. I ordered this “Happy Fall Ya’ll” tee for $16.99 (size small) you can grab one by clicking HERE!

Next up is one of my favorites from my fall haul, this adorable color block sweater. To me this just screams fall. I love the look and feel of this little cardigan too! I am wearing a size small. You can click HERE to check it out on Amazon. I love this piece because it is so versatile. This can easily be styled for fun Friday look, as I have it here, or with a dress any other day of the week.

The next piece I ordered is this plaid scarf. This is a peach and green colored scarf. I really like it because I don’t own many green items in my wardrobe. Plus, I’m a huge fan of big chunky fall scarves. This scarf was only $9.99 on Amazon! Click HERE to shop.

Back to the land of soft seasonal tees! I saw this fall themed T-shirt on Amazon, and just had to have it! I have paired it with these pleated wide legged pants. I have to say, comfiest outfit ever! I just knotted the tee around my waist, threw on some statement earrings, and bam a ready to rock outfit! Click HERE for the shirt and HERE for the pants.
 Acrylic Earrings for Women Drop Dangle Leaf Earrings Resin Minimalist Bohemian Statement Jewelry (9 pair Rattan Acrylic)
And speaking of statement earrings… can we just check out this AMAZING earring pack from Amazon! Can you believe this awesome pack is only $19.99! Um mega score! Click HERE to check them out.

Next, is this cotton black tie dress. This dress is $19.99. I love the shape and style of this dress. You can style it so many different ways too! Check it out HERE. I have paired it with my jean jacket from Target, the white hoop earrings in the statement pack from Amazon, and my plaid flats from Target.

Finally, it is legging season! I live in leggings from October through February (hey remember I live in Maine and it’s wicked cold ¾ of the year). Anyway, I love pairing my leggings with dresses or big slouch sweaters for work. This cheetah sweater is simply the cat’s meow! See what I did there. I am wearing a size small and love the color, print, and feel of this cheetah-licious look! Check it out on Amazon HERE.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my fall fashion Amazon haul. Rock your style and have a happy fall!