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Saturday, October 12

Human Body System Activities and Resources

We are getting ready to wrap up our human body systems unit in room 204. Man, what a fun unit it has been! I love being able to do hands on experiments and crafts with my students. The body systems unit allowed me to bust out some fun experiments, engaging video clips, and more. Below, I have compiled a list of the resources and activities we used throughout this unit

The Skeletal System

We started our unit with the skeletal system. We learned about the bones, their placement in the body, and their functions. We cut and created XL paper skeletons like those linked HERE.

We also learned more about the skeletal system from THIS video:

The Nervous System

I loved teaching the nervous system! My kiddos loved learning about the brain and its different sections. They especially loved creating these awesome brain hats!

We learned more by watching this awesome Bill Nye video as well.

The Digestive System

This was by far the grossest, and in turn my student favorite body system to study. We did a great and easy experiment that demonstrates the way our food is broken down.

We also created this FREE digestive system foldable.

Finally we watched the Magic School Bus video on the digestive system. This was great and really allowed my students to have an inside view of how food travels through the digestive system.

The Respiratory System

This was another body system which prompted fun experiments! Check out the experiment we did HERE.

You can also grab the free worksheet we used HERE.

We have not reached the final two systems yet. When we do, here are some of the videos and resources we will use.

The Cardiovascular System

The Muscular System

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