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Sunday, January 19

Cheerful Teacher Challenge


Teachers are amazing! They multitask like a boss and make daunting challenges achievable for their students. But you know what? Teaching is hard! Teachers give it their all, each day at school and for countless hours after the school day ends. With always giving to everyone else, it’s no wonder so many teachers are feeling drained. Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, like so many of us do. So, I decided to do something about it. I designed a Cheerful Teacher Challenge! This teacher challenge gives 7 tasks each week for four weeks. These tasks are created to help bring joy and happiness back into your classroom each day. Join me over the next four weeks as I complete the Cheerful Teacher Challenge! 
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Cheerful Teacher Challenge

Nothing is better than having a few minutes to laugh with a friend. Let’s take time to eat with a colleague who makes us smile. I know we all try to cram as much work into our short lunch break as possible; running to the bathroom, calling a parent, eating a sandwich while we photocopy. Yup, I get it, I do it too. You know what is more important than always being efficient? Your happiness. Each week I challenge you to stop and eat lunch with someone who makes you feel like sunshine. The photocopier will still be there when you’re done.

If you’re like me your room looks amazing in September, good in October, and by November the hot mess express has pulled into the station. I am forcing myself to take baby steps and tackle the chaos. Each week try to focus on one spot that could use some organizational TLC. My plan is to set a timer for 15 minutes and work on cleaning just that one spot each day. Mission number one is my desk.

It feels great when you walk into a room and someone greets you with a warm smile. Our students feel the same way! This week, use the teacher challenge sheet and try and greet your kiddos at the classroom door at least two days this week. You and your students will be happy you did.

Praise your students! We do it all day at school, but why not take a moment to praise them when the school day is done? You can’t imagine how much it means to your students and their parents to receive a positive note or phone call from their teacher. Give it a try! Reach out to one kiddo one day this week.

Alright, here’s a big one, are you ready for it? Leave your teacher bag at school (for one night). Come on, for one night you can leave that tote stuffed with ungraded papers right on your desk. The world will not end if you take a night off from being a teacher. So pick your night, and proudly leave the building with nothing in your hands.

Get some fresh air. Trust me I understand the prep periods are the Holy Grail and you don’t want to waste them, but teacher self-care isn’t wasteful. Take a moment just for you. I challenge you to go for a short walk outside once a week during your prep period. I used to do this with a colleague last year, and I can’t even tell you how much the fresh air and sunshine lifts you up. Pick a day, make a plan, and do it. Breathe the fresh air and get a change of scenery because you deserve it.

Student relationships are crucial. They are essential to your happiness and your kiddos. One of my favorite teacher quotes is from Rita Pierson: "Kids don't learn from people they don't like." I know we teachers have a million things to juggle, but this week take the time to build relationships. Start small by building relationships with 2 of your kiddos this week. Chat with them before class, at dismissal, or in the hallway. Find out more about what’s happening in their lives. Take that extra time to show them you care. You will be so happy you did! Want to read more about the importance of building student relationships? Check out these awesome blog posts! Building a Classroom Community From Day 1 , Tips to Building a Classroom Culture , Being Happy as a Teacher , 10 Strategies for Building Relationships with Students , and How to Really Build Relationships with Students .

Those are the 7 challenge tasks in my Cheerful Teacher Challenge! You’ve read about them, now what are you waiting for? Download your FREE copy NOW!

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