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Sunday, January 12

Super Worksheets for Super Teachers

Super Worksheets for Teachers


“Real heroes don’t wear capes, they teach!” -Unknown. Teaching is challenging, rewarding, exhausting, overwhelming, and extraordinary all at once. Teachers can juggle drying tears, organizing chaos, instructing challenging curriculum, and so much more all before lunch. But how do teachers juggle all that we have to on a daily basis? We have great planners and teacher worksheets that help keep our heads on straight. Today I’m sharing my favorite super worksheets for all you super teachers out there! Read more to learn about my favorite, no super worksheets for teachers that help me plan and execute all the amazing thing we teachers do.


Worksheets for Teachers

Conferring sheets

One thing that makes my teacher life easier is having my conference binder organized and ready for use. I let my kiddos use graphic organizers, so why shouldn’t I? At the start of each year I print out my favorite conferring sheets and get a tab ready for each kiddo in my class. Then I set up a tab for each of my reading, writing, and math groups. Disclaimer: This is totally a time consuming project with all the tiny tabs, just a heads up. But you know what, it is so worth it! This one stop teacher worksheet spot helps keep me sane, organized, and ready to confer with my students. Trust me, in the craziness of the day it is my saving grace to have one thing that is always organized and easy! Plus, it's nice to have one spot in my room that makes me feel like I have my life together. You can click HERE to check out the conferring pages I use.

Sub Plans

Superheros get sick sometimes too. When that happens, super teachers need great sub plans! Sub plans? Grrrooooaaaann! I know what we’re all thinking; writing sub plans are the worst! You’re right, writing sub plans is no walk in the park, especially when you wake up feeling absolutely horrible. But when you have easy digital, editable plans that you can copy and paste over and over, writing sub plans gets a whole lot easier. I use these editable sub plans to easily make and print 3 days worth of sub plans at the start of the year. I keep them in a binder labeled "sub tub" and replenish as needed. I'm not sure why I call it a "sub tub" when it is actually a binder... hmm. Anyway, I set this up because if I wake up feeling absolutely dreadful, I don’t have to spend hours planning, writing, and emailing plans for my substitute.  Yay! Back to bed with all the tissues and soft blankets! However you choose to set up your sub plans, I definitely recommend writing a few extra days in advance and putting them in a binder somewhere. Don't worry, you can thank me later. Click HERE to grab the editable sub plans I like to use.


Year Long Checklists

I love checklists! I feel like I always have a million thoughts swarming around my head. Checklists help me get visually grounded and prioritize what I need to do first.. or not at all. I print out one of these FREE monthly checklists and make one for each upcoming month. I will add to it as the month gets closer. I am a total big picture person. I can handle all the little things no problem, as long as I have a rough outline or big picture. This is why checklists really help me. I can look down and see if I need reading assessments done by a certain date, and it will jog my memory to start them sooner. It all just somehow seems more manageable with checklists. You can grab these free checklists HERE

I.E.P. at a glance

I don’t know about you, but honestly, I have a horrible memory. It is what it is. So, I made these I.E.P. at a glance forms and good Lord are they a saving grace! I take time to look over each one of my kiddos I.E.P.’s at first. Then, I use the template to make myself a cheat sheet version. You know, one that’s not 500 pages long. Then, I put it in front of their data folder so I always have easy access to it. Honestly, any little thing that helps save me time in the classroom is my friend, and this helps save me time. Therefore, we are for sure friends! If you want to grab these forms, you can click HERE.


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